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1-2-3 Bingo! Slot Demo

1-2-3 Bingo! by Novomatic is a rare slot, which is today hard to find on the Internet to play (despite the fact it was launched in 2017). This game is featured in the theme of Bingo & combines a principle of online slot & a principle of Bingo game at the same time.

1-2-3 Bingo! Attributes

Type:Other types
Hit Frequency:N/A
Max Win:N/A
Min bet $, €, £:N/A
Max bet $, €, £:N/A
Technology:JS, HTML5
Last Update:20.10.2019

Rules of 1-2-3 Bingo! Slot

The same as a player would play a regular bingo game, here a gamer buys virtual tickets of bingo, which can be from 1 to 6 to 1 play. It is preferable to play with as many tickets as possible – the more of them there are the more are the chances of winning during one game. After the Start or Autoplay buttons are pressed, the game starts to throw various numbers on the screen, which fill up the tickets according to bingo rules. But not regular ones – simplified. The goal is to collect a payline of 5 numbers, whilst in regular bingo, a ticket would contain lines & rows, which are collectible horizontally, vertically & diagonally. Here, only horizontal lines are collected in order to win. If one payline per ticket is formed, a player is paid won money. Two payout lines in the same ticket increase the winning & three make it the biggest.

If some line is nearly collected, a gamer can order an extra ball, which has the potential to complete this line. The ball is a paid feature, which deducts from a gamer’s account, no matter it is real money or demo mode for some virtual coins. It is feasible to order up to 11 extra balls during one spin but this is not like free spins – every ball is paid. An extra ball completes all possible lines of all tickets, which simultaneously present on the gaming field. When there are no more balls to order, all winnings are summarized, calculated & paid.

There can be more winning lines than three but they would be located in different tickets since every ticket only has three win lines at most. All winnings on the single spin are paid during the play.

Symbols & Bonuses

The win combinations in this online casino machine are formed by neither symbols nor cards – here, they are numbers, just like in a bingo game. The only bonus, which is feasible, is the one that forms a winning combination with numbers from 1 through 50. If all the win lines in all tickets available on the screen are collected during the same spin (no matter – from the usual spin or after obtaining extra balls), the jackpot is paid, which is a combination of the bet size, multiplier of x1,250 & the number of tickets.

Bet sizes & maximum win

A bettor can bet from 1 coin (denominated in euro/dollar/pound/another currency) per ticket. There can be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 tickets participating in the game in a single spin (or call it the ‘screen’, not the spin, if you will).

If 1 payline is formed in 1 ticket, the payment is x3. Two lines in the same ticket pay x30. Three lines pay x1,250. The more winning lines in tickets there are on the screen, the more a player is paid – up to 1,250*6 = 7,500 coins (for 6 tickets with 3 won paylines in each & with a bet of 1 coin per ticket). Depending on the geographical restrictions for this game, the max payment will differ. But the max win is still calculated by the same formula: bet volume * win lines in a ticket * multiplier, which is valid for all the tickets that play at the same time.