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Blackjack Slot Demo

NetEnt company does a lot of slots. But this online game is not a slot, it is what is clear from its name: Blackjack.

There exist currently two types of Blackjack games in this casino vendor: regular Blackjack and Blackjack Single Deck. We’re considering in this text the first one. This is a 6-deck 3-hand game with one of the super high RTP levels as for online casino machines: 99.59%. This fun piece was released in 2015 and gives gamers a possibility to play on mobile and desktop platforms.

Blackjack Attributes

Type:Card games
Hit Frequency:N/A
Max. win:1250
Min bet $, €, £:1
Max bet $, €, £:500
Technology:JS, HTML5
Last Update:04.04.2019

Rules of Blackjack Slot

This is a standard version with a standard payout. Unlike slots, this game does not feature such notions as paylines, bonus free spins, or symbols. The goal of a player in this game is to form a winning combination of cards by having 21 points or the sum, which would beat a casino. So, you place the bets for rounds, not on paylines, as it is natural for slots.

In this version of the game, all participating players (including live ones and bots) are given 2 cards. Each card has a face value. For all cards lower than 10, it is their facial value. For the cards of 10, J, Q, and K, their value is 10. For an Ace, its value is 11 or 1.

When the value of the two initial cards is not enough to form 21 points in total, the gamer can ask for an additional card. If he or she has two nines or two eights, it would be wise to refrain from taking more cards, as the chances to lose exceed the chances to win with an additional card. If a gamer holds two tens, it is definitely not required to take more cards, as the multitude of cards in a deck leads to losing upon taking more (as the chances to receive Ace are too small but the chances to win with 20 points are very high).

When any same-face cards are held, it is possible to split them into two hands, collecting a winning combination further for each hand. However, the coin bet in this option also doubles, as now you have two hands instead of one.

When a gamer collects over 21 points, he or she loses automatically, no matter what cards the casino holds. When the casino takes more than 21, it loses automatically, too. If there is blackjack formed in a gamer’s hand, the winning coefficient is 3 to 2.

Symbols and Bonuses

There are no symbols or bonuses – players utilize the card values, as they are in a deck of 52 cards:

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • J
  • Q
  • K
  • A.

Bet sizes & maximum win

If a player believes that he or she has enough value of cards to win (for instance, a wise choice to refrain from taking cards any further would be starting with 16 or 17 at most points), they can stop taking more cards. Then casino takes, if necessary, and then a player and the casino open up and see who wins. In the case of a draw, the gamer returns their own bet. In the case of winning, the gamer doubles the bet. In the case, if the casino wins, the bet goes to the casino.

It is one of the calmest games in terms of playing, as it is impossible to win big or lose big unless you make large bets. Depending on the rules of your casino, it is possible to bet more/less in the real-money mode of gaming than in the demo mode: from 1 to 500 coins. The coin value also differs from casino to casino and is currency-dependent. For instance, playing 1 UAH to 1 coin would be about 35 times cheaper than 1 GBP to 1 coin. So if you wish to win large, then you have to increase bet sizes and hope for your lucky star to shine your way.