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Multihand Blackjack Slot Demo

If you’re one of the card games fans, try one of the products developed by BGaming. This provider is famous not only for amazing slot machines with bonuses (free spins), but also various numbers of reels, paylines, and different coin values. The company creates wonderful card games, one of which is a Multihand Blackjack.

All the blackjack lovers will highly estimate this game. It’s characterized not only by a nice realistic design but also by a user-friendly interface, thanks to which even new players will immediately understand how to play.

The game was launched in May 2018. It is created on the basis of JS and HTML5 technologies, which is why it’s accessible from modern PCs and mobile devices. The game is not just a plain Blackjack with several hands. The RTP of the game reaches 99.23%, so you will hardly lose your money. In addition, it’s possible to play for fun using a demo version accessible on the Internet.

Multihand Blackjack Attributes

Type:Card games
Hit Frequency:N/A
Max. win:200
Min bet $, €, £:1
Max bet $, €, £:100
Technology:JS, HTML5
Last Update:29.06.2019

Rules of Multihand Blackjack

Along with multiple games with paylines, card games have a special place in online casinos. The key aim of the game is to collect a number of points as close to 21 as possible. 21 is the best option, which guarantees a reward (it’s called “Blackjack”). When gamers open the game, they see a table with cards and chips. To begin, it’s necessary to select the bet (which depends on a chip/chips selected). There’re 3 hands for bets. The following options are presented:

  • Deal. When the bets are made, this button is used to take cards.
  • Hit. This option is available if the number of points for a hand is less than 21. In this case, a player can take one more card.
  • Stand. This button should be pressed if a gamer thinks the number of points is enough. Then, an opponent plays the cards.
  • Double. If the first card in a hand has a value from 9 to 11, it’s proposed to redouble the bet. It doesn’t work in the case of a hand being split.
  • Split. This option allows dividing 2 cards between 2 hands if they have an equal value. One hand can be split just once. Note that if two Aces are split, only one card can be added to each hand.

If an opponent has the first cards with the value of 10 or 11, the cards are checked for Blackjack. If the combination is successful, all the player’s combinations lose.

Symbols and Bonuses

There’re cards from 2 to Ace. The values of the cards are as follows:

  • 2-10: have the corresponding value
  • Face cards (with J/Q/K symbols): are taken as 10 points each
  • Aces: can be taken as 1 or 11.

Bet sizes & maximum win

Players can make bets from 1 to 100 coins for each hand (using options 1/5/10/25/100). Players can use 1-3 hands. The biggest bet for a hand is 100. It’s possible to use a various number of chips, the total amount of which doesn’t exceed 100. The smallest bet is 1. The bets are always 1 to 1. Thus, payouts obtained are twice the bet selected. The only exception is Blackjack. It pays out 3 to 2. For example, when a gamer bets $10, the winning will be $25. When a player has ‘Push’ (it means the number of points is equal for all players), the original bet is returned. Remember: the more you bet, the bigger your reward will be!