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Premium European Roulette Slot Demo

Roulette is among the most in-demand casino games, being called the timeless classics. Gamers dip into the atmosphere of a real casino and get much fun from the process. The Playtech provider understands the trends, offering gamblers to join high-end game option, Premium European Roulette to catch the fortune.

The premium series of Playtech games aims to provide gamblers with a high-quality interface and well-planned details, including inbuilt sounds. The developer company has accomplished its primary mission, as the gaming option has reached the highest popularity among other roulette games available on the market.

The RTP is one more factor to attract players, as this index is more than 97%. This online roulette has already collected crowds of fans worldwide. Meanwhile, the game’s demo mode is limited enough, and many casinos offer gamers to start with real playing.

Premium European Roulette Attributes

Type:Roulette Games
Hit Frequency:N/A
Max Win:x36.00
Min bet $, €, £:0.01
Max bet $, €, £:500
Technology:FLASH, JS, HTML5
Last Update:07.05.2019

Rules of Premium European Roulette Slot

The European roulette is a classic wheel with 36 sections and one ‘zero’ field; this is why gamers need to understand which positions to choose for a bet. Aside from the numbers, gamblers may bet on different paylines (columns, twelves, colors, odds, evens, etc.).

This game is not provided live; this is why players have enough time to choose preferred combinations to place a bet. Furthermore, you need to select a coin value to place bets. The Double button multiplies all the table bets by 2, and the Clear bets option removes all the coins from the table.

When all the bets are placed and they correspond with the minimum requirements, spin the roulette to win money.

Symbols and Bonuses

The roulette game is not a slot machine; this is why experienced players highlight that they use skills and experience together with luck. The following symbols and combinations are available to place your bets:

  • Numbers. Select the number from 0 to 36 to place coins.
  • Colors. Place your bet on either red or black.
  • Columns. Bet on columns that contain 12 numbers.
  • Twelves. Place coins on twelves (1-12, 13-24, or 25-36).
  • Odds/evens. Select odd or even numbers for a bet.

This said gamblers have diverse chances to win in roulette. The history displays the latest appeared numbers and colors to help gamblers place bets correctly.

Bet sizes & maximum win

When you are going to play roulette, choose a coin value from €0.01 to 100 EUR, placing those coins to preferred fields. The payout depends on which fields you’ve placed your bet:

  1. Twelves and columns multiply your bets by x3.
  2. Colors and odds/evens double your bet sum.
  3. Numbers bring a player x36 win; meanwhile, it is a challenging task to guess the right number.

As for the maximum bet, Premium European Roulette allows gamers to place bets that do not increase 10 000 EUR on the table. Gamblers may divide bets on their own. This said the maximum possible win is €360 000.

Don’t make hasty bets, make a profound analysis to understand which sections are the best to stack on.