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Roulette Slot Demo

Roulette by NetEnt is not a slot. It is an online game, which nature is European roulette. So if you want to find the roulette game by NetEnt online, you should omit the word “slot” in your search criteria.

The game has an RTP rate of 97.30%, volatility is regular as for a standard-type European roulette, and a set of pretty much standard rules is given to this game. The year of its release is 2013. It is perfectly playable today on any modern device, would it be a mobile or desktop.

Surely, this game is not as predictable as playing cards & it’s not as addictive as slots with their multiple bonuses or free spins but it is rather a game for seasoned gamblers.

Roulette Attributes

Type:Roulette Games
Hit Frequency:N/A
Max Win:x35.00
Min bet $, €, £:5000
Max bet $, €, £:0
Last Update:14.02.2020

Rules of Roulette Slot

The design of the gaming area corresponds to what gamers would expect while starting playing regular roulette. A field of the table, where a player places the bets of various coin values, is located in the front part of the screen. There, it’s possible to quickly pick the value of the coin to bet. Various controls are located on the lower part of the screen:

  • The “i” sign, opening the paytable, which contains information about the payout combinations
  • Open racetrack
  • Open favorite bets
  • Open statistics
  • Selecting the bet size
  • Double the bet
  • Clear all bets
  • Undo all bets.

The gaming area offers the betting opportunities, which are inherent for this type of online money casino machine (although one can play in a demo mode as well), where you could bet on:

  • odd or even
  • red or black
  • first, second, or third part of the numbers
  • 1-18 or 19-36
  • 2:1 that the first, second, or third payline of numbers occur
  • bet on a particular number from the available symbols, not a payline
  • bet on a zero.

As all bets are made, simply start the rotation of the wheel and the ball starts to rotate in another direction. It imitates the real roulette’s mechanics and physics, so, eventually, as the velocity of the ball ends, it inevitably lands somewhere by hitting one of the side limiters installed on the wheel, bringing you a victory or not. The size of the victory strongly depends on the coefficients, which roulette typically offers, and the bet combinations.

Symbols and Bonuses

The roulette here features 37 numbers (from 0 to 37). Betting on them in the available combinations opens for a gamer a list of mathematical opportunities of winning, which correspond to the bet size and a particular bet.

Bet sizes & maximum win

It is possible to bet 0.10, 0.50, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 coins per one roulette game. The winning odds are from 1:1 to 35:1. Here they are:

  • Zero: 35:1
  • Any number: 35:1
  • Row, split: 17:1
  • Street: 11:1
  • Corner and Basket: 8:1
  • Six line: 5:1
  • Columns and dozens: 2:1
  • The rest of the bets: 1:1.

The casino’s advantage in this game is 2.6%. But if luck is on your side, then you could return from this game a very rich person!

Take a notice that the max bet on any combination or number is 2,000 coins in a demo mode. In a real-money mode, it will be limited to the policy of your casino, where you decide to play and might be dependent on the currency (for instance, 2,000 Euros are significantly more than 2,000 Vietnamese Dongs, by about 50 million times).