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Tornado Dice Slot Demo

Tornado Dice is a super simple slot, which was made by AirDice online game maker. It features a 3*3 grid, which is relatively simple to play and win. Since there are not so many available cells, where symbols may form payout combinations, there are not so many participating symbols as well – only 8 types of them. The game is themed like dice, which is one of the most recognizable themes for simple slot games.

Rules of Tornado Dice Slot

There is nothing complex: spin the reels to form a payline, two, or three. Before gamers play this online casino machine, they adjust:

  • Fullscreen mode
  • Sound on/off
  • Bet size.

It is impossible to change the number of paylines (there are 5 of them playable in each spin). The controls in the game are realized through buttons of Start and Autoplay. The autoplay button does not have further adjustments, as some other slot makers might provide for it. You simply hit it to initiate the automated rotation of reels and hit to stop it when you feel enough about seeing it spinning.

It is possible to choose one of two available modes of the game: for real money and demo. The demo mode allows becoming acquainted with the rules before adopting the decision to play it for money. Surely, in a demo mode, it is impossible to win for real but, looking at this disadvantage from another angle, it turns into an advantage: it is impossible to lose your own real money in this mode.

Symbols and Bonuses

Such symbols are seen by a player in the gaming grid:

  • Dice 1
  • Dice 2
  • Dice 3
  • Dice 4
  • Dice 5
  • Dice 6
  • Purple hieroglyph
  • Blue hieroglyph
  • Bonus symbol, which looks like a crown.

The formed 5 paylines are classic: three horizontal and two diagonal. It is impossible to be confused among them.

When having 3 bonus items in a win line, a bonus game is initiated. Here, a player will spin the so-called Tornado of Fortune. There are 3 free spins at least given to a gamer in this bonus mode or 4 if the current bet is 2.50 or over coins per spin. In this mode, it is possible to get coins and multipliers of victory. As the bonus game ends, all winnings are summed and paid to a gamer. The max cap of winnings given in this mode is 5,000 coins. It is possible to continue having more free spins in a bonus mode if getting 3 bonus symbols again in a win line.

There are no card symbols and there is no such a thing as gambling for the color of a card that is given upon the victory (as some other online slots may offer).

Bet sizes & maximum win

There must be from 2 to 3 same symbols obtained in a win line to pay to a player. All but dice 1 and dice 2 symbols pay when there are 2 of them in a win line. These two only pay when there are three of them in a win line. The victory table positioned below is provided given that the bet is 5 coins:

  • Dice 1: 7 coins
  • Dice 2: 15 coins
  • Dice 3: 6, 25 coins
  • Dice 4: 10, 50 coins
  • Dice 5: 15, 100 coins
  • Dice 6: 20, 125 coins
  • Purple hieroglyph: 25, 250 coins
  • Blue hieroglyph: 40, 1,000 coins.