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Since ancient times people have always been admiring numbers that contain something mystical and mysterious. This is why roulette is among the oldest casino games and its popularity is still high nowadays. According to the gambling statistics, 36.4% of casino players consider this game as their favorite option. Furthermore, 92.7% of players highlight they have placed bets on roulette at least once.

Beginners may have problems with game functionality which is why you need to learn about its working principle, widespread types, and possible bets. Parimatchwin has added the roulette in the gaming list among primary options, understanding its popularity.

How To Play Roulette?

This question is widespread enough among casino beginner players. This said you need to start from the very beginning. What is the roulette game?

Such a game contains a running wheel divided into 37 equal sections (there are some roulette types with more or fewer sections). The number of red and black sectors is always equal, while a wheel contains one more sector (green or zero). Furthermore, some roulette types include more than 1 zero section. What is the working principle of such a casino game? Players try to guess which section finally hosts a ball thrown into a running wheel. Diverse bets are possible for roulette players; meanwhile, they are divided into two large categories: inside and outside bets.

Inside bets are placed on one or several numbers. That means a gamer tries to guess a number where the ball stops at the end of a round. Some providers have minimum and maximum bets for one round – when a gamer places a bet on several numbers, their sum should correspond to the indicated limits. As for outside bets, they are placed with odds 2 to 1. These bets are frequently higher than inside ones and a gamer may repeat outside bets multiple times.

What are the possible bets on a roulette game?

  1. Direct bet (one number): A gamer chooses one number from 37 sections, expecting that the ball will stop there, and this bet has the highest odds.
  2. Double bet: Users choose two numbers to place a bet. Note these numbers should belong to the neighboring sections.
  3. Triple bet: Gamblers place a bet on a line of three neighboring numbers that form a line (0-1-2, 3-4-5, etc.).
  4. Square bet: This type unites four numbers that form a square on the gambling field and members are free to select any numbers.
  5. Bet on five numbers: Such a bet is possible for the American roulette only and contains a line that separates 0 and 00 from other numbers.
  6. Lineal bet: Bettors may choose a line of six numbers to bet on.
  7. Column bet: A column of the gambling field includes 12 numbers, and this type of bet increases your chances for success.
  8. Red or black bet: Users try to guess the color where the ball will stop, and this bet includes 18 numbers.
  9. Bet on 18 numbers: Choose either the group of 1-18 numbers or 19-36 numbers.

While talking about different types of the roulette game, European and American types are the two most widespread types. What are the main differences between those games?

  • The roulette with one green zero section originated from the European continent being regarded as the traditional option. Such a type is widespread throughout European casinos, Nevada and Atlantic City and this option decreases the casino’s advantage to 2.7%. It is interesting to note that the European roulette is less popular than the American type.
  • The American roulette contains two zero sections and players have somehow fewer chances to win. The casino’s advantage is 5.26% while talking about such a type.

This said such a casino game seems to be elementary and straightforward; meanwhile, beginner gamers need to understand some basic rules.

Play Online Free Roulette At Parimatch

Parimatch offers more than 50 roulette options for players, these options are developed by different world-known gambling providers. Furthermore, this category is constantly updated, as many users prefer to place bets on roulette games.

This casino has many advantages over competitors and the training mode is among the most prominent pros. What does it mean? Such a mode enables gamers to play without spending money and without needing to register to access this mode. Go to the official website, open the section with roulette games and click on the “play for fun” mode.

Users open a window with a certain roulette game and obtain a virtual balance. The system may display various currencies (virtual Euros, FUN money, etc.). Place bets on diverse sections, spending your virtual fund and there is no real money is spent there. What are the main benefits of such a mode? Users get the possibility to test the functionality before playing.

Dive into the peculiarities deeper before you make your first bet. There are traditional and live roulettes suggested at Parimatchwin. As for live options, you need to place your bets within a certain period of time – rounds are not controlled by a player.

Which roulette game providers are available on the website? More than 10 online casino game developers have already placed their offers at Parimatch and the company is always open for new options. Which providers are considered the most popular ones?

  1. ALG is an American development company that tries to provide end-users with the atmosphere of a real-life casino, they offer live roulettes only.
  2. Ezugi is working on online games containing real croupiers and a Full HD interface; this is why gamblers are going to have maximum fun.
  3. Wazdan is a provider that offers customized games where players may choose quality and some other settings. This said the highest enjoyment level is guaranteed.

Play Roulette For Real Money At Parimatch

When you’ve tested the functionality and decided which game you wish to enter, jump to the next level – real bets that empower users to win real money.

What is the step-by-step guide on how to place bets on the Parimatch casino? Follow the next easy steps:

  • Complete the registration on the website (or enter your login and password to sign in)
  • Open the “all games” section, and click the “roulette” section to understand which games are available for users. Aside from the top-rated European and American types, gamblers may play French, Turkish, Indian, and other games
  • Choose the preferred gaming mode depending on your purpose
  • Use the upper field to bet on several numbers, while the lower side comprises bets on colors, numbers, neighboring numbers, lines, and columns
  • Place your bets (diverse amounts are available)
  • Press “spin” to start the round

The casino offers diverse deposit bonuses that include wagering conditions. Users need to place those bonuses from 30 to 40 times and roulette games are a perfect solution for wagering (choose between red and black color to increase your chances for success).

How is it possible to win in roulette games? On the one hand, these online games are entirely spontaneous, while on the other hand, experienced gamblers follow some strategies. Martingale, d’Alembert and other gambling strategies are expected to be effective for roulette games. Furthermore, a user may build up his/her own strategy based on their own experience.